You know I was thinking
I thought you should know
Just trying to help
So, I thought I would show
That your problems in life would just go away
If only you’d do just what I say
The solution – to me – is so simple and thus
It’s clear from my view that it’s not crossed your mind
So, I’ve chosen to help you and to discuss
Since I am your friend, and I want to be kind
So, here are the things in your life that should change
And here are the things that you must rearrange
Oh, my dear friend – please keep your insight
I neither asked you to share nor expressed my concern
I’m not saying you’re wrong – you might just be right
The info you shared is not that which I spurn
The issue, to me, is the lack of respect and the fault that you find
These insults you’ve dressed in the garb of being kind
While help you may offer, you must understand
First you passed judgment: things aren’t as they ought
That my life has not gone the way that YOU planned
Then assumed me incapable of deductive thought
Let me assure you – I am self-aware
It simply could be your concerns I don’t share
My life is not perfect
There’re parts that need mending
But last time I checked
My world was not ending
If I get overwhelmed, I’ll seek help from a friend
If I don’t come to you, then don’t recommend

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