This “About” section is not about me, it’s about you. Why are you here? Why should you stay? My hope is that you will read something that I wrote, and you will feel something – joy, passion, sadness, love, peace, expectation, inspiration – something. We are sentient creatures, and this life was not meant to be lived in a state of indifference. Like the kaleidoscope, we are comprised of a variety of fragments that create something beautiful.

Who am I? Well, if I am doing my job well, then you will discover the answer to that question as you read my blog. Hopefully, you will see a little bit of yourself in each entry and be able to relate. For now, I will very briefly provide some random facts in no particular order. I was born and raised in upstate New York where I still primarily reside, although I also spend a significant amount of time in North Carolina. I was eclectic before many people knew what that meant. I am as likely to be moved by Metallica as I am by Mozart. The sun rises and sets in the smiles of my family and friends. The beaches of Gloucester and the sidewalks of midtown Manhattan hold equal beauty for me. My father is still – and will always be – the best man that I have ever known. For most of my childhood, I was convinced that my mother was actually an angel and feared that Heaven might need her back…I am still not entirely convinced that I was wrong. I cannot watch The Princess Bride without saying all of the lines out loud – it’s very distracting.

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